Immaculate Conception

4030 Jackson St NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421
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Languages spoken by school staff

English, Spanish

Extra programming

We are pleased to offer the following athletic opportunities: Soccer for grades 1-8; Volleyball for grades 5-8; Basketball for grades 5-8; Softball & Baseball for grades 5-8; Intramural programs are held in the evenings.

How to enroll

If interested in enrolling, contact Megan Sackmaster at (763)-788-9062 x 207 or You can also visit


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Academic programming

We offer a Blended Learning model which is truly a personalized approach. By ensuring students have multiple learning experiences in the classroom that provide data to the teachers, we develop academic goals for the students at their “just right level” of learning. The students are often in a station rotation model in which the teachers have time with all students in small groups on a regular basis. We are also a school that has certified teachers in the Groves Method. Children are assessed three times per year with a standardized assessment.

Special education programming

Our children are served by the special education staff through the Columbia Heights School District. We partner effectively with them to ensure each child with special needs receives the service that is essential to their learning & social emotional health.

English language learner programming

The students are assessed by a professional from the public school district who advises our teaching staff how to best meet the needs of each child’s current level of English acquisition. One of our staff members has studies how to work with the students in small groups & with the teachers. We have spent a great deal of time in professional development workshops to learn further how to expand our understanding & effectiveness.

Covid recovery plan

Our school has hired a learning interventionist to visit each classroom & work with children individually & in small groups in the areas of literacy & mathematics.


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School values

Our school is very much like a family environment. Students are all known & loved by multiple faculty & staff within the building. Catholic School: Open to all, regardless of faith.


Number of expulsions or suspensions per every hundred students
Per 100 Students 0 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 9 9 4 0


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Equity vision

Our Philosophy Statement is: Immaculate Conception Catholic School is committed to furthering the tradition of Catholic education by developing the whole child. We are committed to the academic, physical, & spiritual growth of our students. We cherish each child’s unique cultural, social, & emotional ability while working together to address their needs through our personalized learning experience. Our school instills Christian virtues each day by integrating faith into our academic work. By worshiping together as a community, giving service to others, & growing in knowledge, our philosophy is rooted in the model of Jesus Christ to ensure student success.


Number of expulsions or suspensions for every hundred students
0% 100% City average 0 All students
0% 100% City average 0 All students