Dear Families—You’re visiting the only guide that lists all schools in Minneapolis. We invite you to use it to help decide which school to send your child to.

Included are profiles of every school, with parent-friendly information on academic performance, and this year we added a new tool for finding schools that work based on parent feedback.

Every child deserves a school that sets them up for success in life—a school that delivers rigorous academic outcomes & offers a safe, relevant learning environment. We hope this Minneapolis School Finder directory helps you find it!


Family Advocates: Free school search & advocacy help

Is your child attending a great school? While 25 schools are changing the odds, most in Minneapolis are failing to meet the learning needs for students of color. To combat this, Family Advocates – an initiative of the Minnesota Parent Union – provide families with free, one-on-one support to find a great school or advocate for change within their current school!

Contact the Family Advocates here.

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