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How Does Minneapolis School Finder Work?

This tool highlights high impact schools and gives you the power to easily SEARCH for free public schools and independent private schools, COMPARE academic performance, and DECIDE on the best option for your family.


It's free and easy

Search: Enter your Minneapolis zip code to find a K – 12 school in your area. Leave the zip code field blank and press search to see all Minneapolis schools. Or select a school from the drop down list and go directly to that school's information page.
Compare: Using the Minnesota Dept of Education's State Accountability Data, the site generates a School Rating between 0-100 (low-high) that shows the school's impact on academic results for all students during the most recently completed school year.
Decide: Academic results are important, but so are the unique needs of your child. We encourage you to use the additional information on this site to find the highest impact school for your child and plan a school tour, ask questions, and enroll your child in the school that is the best fit for your family.

About Minnesota Comeback

  • Minnesota Comeback is an education non-profit organization; our goal: By 2025, all Minneapolis children are enrolled in rigorous and relevant schools that prepare them to thrive in college, career and community.
  • Minnesota Comeback offers this website so parents have easy access to information about a school’s academic performance when starting the journey to find the best high-performing school for their child.

About the School Rating

  • The school rating is based on the Minnesota Department of Education Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) data. The MMR takes into consideration Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment data, student learning growth, demographics, ability to close academic achievement gaps and, for high schools, graduation rates. The school rating and MMR are on a scale from 0-100. The MMR is the leading indicator of school performance in Minnesota. Learn more here.
  • The MMR provides a broad measure of a school’s academic impact by using student growth and achievement gap reduction in addition to proficiency.
  • This site identifies NEW schools that have either recently opened or are planning to open in the next school year and have a school building.
  • Some established public schools do not have testing data because they do not have enough students; as a result, they do not have a school rating.
  • Independent schools are not required to administer the state’s MN Comprehensive Assessment and do not have a school rating.

School Rating Key

pin_green_72 Green schools have an MMR score that has placed the school in the top 40% of all MN public schools at least once in the most recent three years.
pin_yellow_72 Yellow schools have an MMR score that places the school between a green and a red school.
pin_red_72 Red schools have an MMR score that has placed the school in the bottom 25% of all MN public schools each year for the most recent three years.
pin_blue_72 Blue schools are NEW schools that have been in operation five years or less.
pin_gray_72 Gray schools do not have state MMR data available to generate a school rating. This is typically due to the small size of the school.
pin_purple_72 Purple schools are independent private schools that do not have a school rating. These schools may require some payment of tuition to attend.

Please note that a school’s numerical score is based on the most recent year’s data, but the school’s rating reflects the past three years of performance. Sometimes, this causes inconsistency between the school’s rating and the numerical value as depicted on the score thermometer on the school’s profile.


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Minnesota Comeback developed this site with the input of parents and community leaders. Find out more about our process in the “About” section of this site. Feel free to contact Nicholas Banovetz, director of external relations for Minnesota Comeback.