These schools are leading the city in providing all kids—no matter their background—a great education. This list is based on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, or “MCAs”—our state’s tool to understand how well schools are educating kids.

Students at these schools who come from a low-income background are academically outperforming the Minneapolis Public Schools average &/or are growing academically at a faster rate than the average. Students from a low-income background who attend changing-the-odds high schools are more likely than their peers to graduate & enroll in college.

changing the odds schools

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Due to the state of Minnesota not administering MCAs in spring 2020—due to COVID-19—we are awarding the changing-the-odds designation this year to the same elementary & middle schools as the 2020-21 school finder edition.

Tip: As you explore school profiles & visit schools, ask how kids similar to yours are doing academically & in comparison to other students at the school with different backgrounds.